The MiCOURT Experience ... Are you ready?

The MiCOURT Experience -- Your project can be done in less than 6 months

Posted by Cindy Souders on Nov 19, 2014 7:56:00 PM

The MiCOURT Experience:

We have spent one year planning how to best transition your court to MiCOURT. Our project approach recognizes your busy jobs, and gives you the most up-to-date tools to make the migration to MiCOURT a success.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Migration Project for your court:

Q. When can we implement MiCOURT?

A. The rollout will start with ciruit courts in 2015. In 2016, we will be ready for Probate and District courts, too. The timing is up to your court. Contact to get your position.

Q. What happens when we implement our court before other courts in our jurisdiction?

A. Each court is different and JIS staff will work with your court to make sure communication among courts in your jurisdiction continues. For example, during implementation, users may need to access both legacy and MiCOURT systems.

Q. What will happen to our current data?

A. The main purpose of the implementation is migration of your data to MiCOURT. All case data which meets SCAO retention standards will be migrated to MiCOURT.

Q. Does MiCOURT work with CCS, DCS, PCS and TCS?

A. No. MiCOURT is the next generation of case management and does not integrate with your current JIS applications. If your court uses multiple JIS applications, you may want to make the transition one application at a time, or consider migrating all applications to MiCOURT in one project.

Q. How long will my project take?

A. The implementation schedule plans for a court to migrate in approximately 20 weeks. The schedule allows ample time for data preparation and migration, training, testing and transition to be as smooth as possible and reduce possible disruption to court activities. Lead court staff and JIS will work together to meet deadlines and milestones.

Q. How will we receive training for MiCOURT?

A. JIS has collaborated with Michigan Virtual University (MVU) to deliver online MiCOURT training through the JIS Learning Center. Additionally, JIS court facilitators will also be on-site for a scheduled period during the project to work with court staff.

The JIS Support Desk and its newly operational Knowledge Base will be available for questions submitted via website, email or telephone.

Q. How many court staff members need to be involved with the process?

A. We have identified three critical roles for your court transition team. Appropriately staffing your team will help ensure a smooth implementation. Key team roles include:

  • Court Sponsor
  • Court Lead
  • Court Power User(s)

These staff members will be crucial in assisting with discovery, data verification and training. They will also be able to assist additional court staff once MiCOURT is live at the court.

All court staff will be responsible for participating in training and understanding the MiCOURT application before implementation.

Q. Will you provide testing materials?

A. JIS will provide your court with a sandbox with your migrated data, a testing guide and a test task list. The main purpose of testing for the court is to verify that your data migrated into MiCOURT properly. Most of the testing tasks are report comparisons between your current JIS system and the MiCOURT test system’s comparable report.



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